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Meet our trainer

Adam Pinero as our trainer offers skills honed over a decade of professional and private dog training. Beginning as an apprentice and trainer for Eagle Valley Search Dogs, he worked at the highest level of dog training for many years. After Eagle Valley, he moved to police detection dogs and competitive obedience before landing in private dog training in New York City. Adam believes in the scientifically proven methods of positive reinforcement. Reward based training has been proven to be the most effective training method in every situation from basic obedience to fear aggression and reactivity. Using treats, toys, and lots of love, he can and will build your dog’s knowledge and confidence while sharing with you how to maintain and improve your relationship with your furry friend. 

As a trainer, Adam believes in the bond you have with your dog above all else. His training is centered on building a lasting relationship between you and your dog based on clear communication, boundaries, and affection.


In our One-on-One sessions, your trainer will come to you and spend one hour a week teaching you how to do what they do. We believe that our clients should leave us ready to move forward with all the tools they need to succeed. These classes are the perfect option for those who need specific obedience training or a single behavior modified.

5 Session Basic Program:

  • Learn fundamental commands for your dog.

  • Emphasis on responsible dog ownership.

  • Covers basics of obedience, socialization, and manners.

8 Session Advanced Program:

  • Elevates obedience training to the next level.

  • Introduces advanced commands like 'Heel.'

  • Advanced outdoor training to handle distractions.

  • Builds confidence for dealing with external stressors.

12 Session Behavior Modification Program:

  • Targets behaviors beyond basic obedience.

  • Addresses issues such as separation anxiety and dog reactivity.

  • Involves engagement with trainers and behaviorists.

  • Aims to instill traits, confidence, and skills for overcoming challenges.

15 Session Aggression Course:

  • Most intensive plan for extreme behavioral cases.

  • Custom lesson plan created with the owner, trainer, and consultant.

  • Addresses issues like dog bites and fear of other dogs.

  • Focuses on providing a healthy, positive solution for both owner and dog.

Dog Training
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In House Training

Think of our In House training as virtual learning! Once a week, our trainer will spend an hour one-on-one with your dog. While recording some of the session, you will learn how and why our trainer does what they do to train your dog. This video will serve as your homework for the week so you can follow along and practice with your furry friend. 


What do you get?

  1. Free virtual evaluation

  2. Whatsapp communication with your trainer (9am-7pm)

  3. 10 minutes of video per in house session

  4. Access to your trainer for the life of your dog

  5. Discounts on further training

  6. Premium training made affordable

Obedience Training

Group Classes

Welcome to our dog training group classes, where tails wag, paws learn, and bonds strengthen! Our certified trainer leads dynamic sessions focusing on positive reinforcement techniques, fostering good behavior and obedience. From basic commands to advanced tricks, we have programs for dogs of all ages and skill levels, promoting socialization and essential skills in a lively group setting. Whether you're a first-time owner or refining your pet's manners, our classes provide a structured and enjoyable way to build a harmonious relationship with your furry friend.

Happy Dog


Private Lessons

5 sessions private   $1,000

​8 sessions private   $1,600

​12 session private   $2,000

​15 session private   $3,000

In House Training

​5sessions “in house”   $800

8sessions “in house”   $1,200

Group Classes

Puppy socialization class (6 sessions)   $300 

Basic Group class (6 sessions)   $400

Intermediate group (6 sessions)   $400 ​

Advanced group (6 sessions)   $400​

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