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At Giving Tree Pet Resort, we believe that our pets deserve a healthy and enjoyable stay with loving and prudent care because they give us with so much love and happiness. That is why we are bringing this luxurious 12,677 square feet facility on a 1.7-acre dedicated parcel of land to our pets in the heart of Reston, VA.


It all started during the pandemic when Young adopted Dori, a mini Schnoodle. As they walked their puppy, they noticed more dogs in their neighborhood every day. It did not take long before they realized that the need for pet care would increase when all those new pet owners, including themselves, would return to their workplaces. Unfortunately, they were not at ease to leave their beloved Schnoodle puppy in pet daycares nearby because of the poor quality of the facility, the overwhelmed look of the staff, or the high prices...

Hence, Young and his business partner, Han decided to take matters into their own hands. After months of searching, they finally came across the perfect building for pets and pet owners. As they understand how precious time is for residents in Northern Virginia, Young and Han has designed the most luxurious and modern pet resort at the most convenient location in Reston, right off the toll road (267) and Reston Pkwy, and less than a mile away from the Wiehle Metro station.


Formerly the headquarter for the Future Business Leaders of America, the 12,677 sqft building with a 15ft ceiling was perfectly structured with 3 spacious conference rooms that are now our dogs playrooms, 12 separate offices that have become our dogs’ rooms, and the half acre of greenland in our backyard for our dogs to enjoy a unique forest like experience.

Our facility was not only chosen for its convenient location and design for our pet owners and furry friends, but we also took into consideration the importance of providing a safe, healthy, and pleasant working environment for our team members as they will look over our pets with love and care in a luxurious, yet cozy atmosphere surrounded by beautiful trees.

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